Summertime, and printing ain’t easy

As our Irish summer reaches it’s soggy peak,
and multitudes of holiday makers are left wishing they had ignored the governments advice to indulge in a ‘staycation’

the seasonal lull in the printing industry appears to be taking its toll on already strained revenues.

 July and August have always been accompanied by a slowdown in workloads for printing companies, and many, particularly owner operators, welcomed this more relaxed annual interval of relative calm, safe in the knowledge that a return to ‘business as usual’ would be heralded in as Septembers autumnal grip took hold.
In these more challenging times, the confidence that the months leading up to Christmas would fill in the troughs of a lazy summer is no longer there, leading printers to consider imaginative ways to generate revenue throughout the year, irrespective of seasonal fluctuations.
A quick straw poll of companies over the last week or so, revealed a new desire to offer price incentives to customers to place orders during the holiday season, together with a growing  willingness to ‘hit the road’ to generate new business and consolidate relationships with existing accounts.
A number of printers expressed disappointment with the amount of activity in June, having being buoyed somewhat by encouraging order rates throughout the late winter and spring period.
We can only hope that the vibrant autumn colours will be matched by equally vibrant trading conditions, but one thing seems certain.
If you’re not ‘minding it’ or ‘finding it’…………Somebody else will.

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